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Moving head technology is simple. we use them to spotlight. We control the intensity so your photographer can get the shot in low light. Moving head washes available upon request.  We also offer lights in white or black. Check out the videos below to see the different colours and patterns.

Prime Time Royalton Pro


Enhance your event with this beautiful package. It looks beautiful when not operating. Keep the setup white during dinner or off so we don't interrupt the dinner service. In between courses we can activate and keep it simple and elegant. Once the dance floor opens thats when we bring in the colors and fast movement. 

In this feature, we have the Arlington DJ workstation, our Faux Brick wall structure, Lighting: Moving Head technology accompanied by angled up lights. Visuals are flat screen TV's. All this can be the focal point or spread out through out the room to compliment any floor plan.

Uplighting used to light up dark corners, walls or even architecture, sculptures, or focal points in a room. Use standard colors, white or a custom color to match your theme.

For those of you who couldn't make it to Canada's Bridal show here is what you missed out on. It was a positive experience for our team and we look forward to many more shows coming up. Stay tuned to our social feeds to stay up to date in real time.