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Choose your look

Welcome to your new look. Please choose a workstation that will fit your theme. It starts with your DJ/Host and "The Look". This is the foundation and the starting point. From here we can always add on a sound system, lighting and decor items.

The "Liberty"

This DJ workstation started it all. Traditionally white, Has the ability to change color with the help from LED lights. This can add a look to a room without overpowering or become an eye sore. With this workstation it can adapt to any decor theme while using the least amount of space in a room to maximize your guest count.

The "Royal"

The "Royal" DJ workstation was designed to fit into your Gold, Rose Gold theme. This stand also lights up with under lighting to give that warm feeling to blend with your royal theme. This workstation also takes up less space than a table to maximize guest count.

The "Chateau"

The "Chateau" DJ workstation can really blend in with your silver inspired event. This stand can light up and be an accent in the room while maximizing floor space.

The "Nero"