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The best way to distinguish between the two is this: a DJ offers sound and music at your event with little announcements, whilst an MC is the event's host; they incorporate the music provided by the DJ but work to engage the crowd, raising the overall mood of the evening's entertainment. The MC may also integrate games or activities at the client's discretion to keep the crowd engaged.



We provide a variety of lighting options, including up-lighting that creates a gorgeous design along the walls, moving-head technology that displays patterns and designs, and a spectacular light show for dancing. A projector set on a pedestal may project monograms wherever in the room.


Sound System

If your venue does not supply a sound system, one can be arranged. Working with your floor plan, speakers are strategically placed throughout the room, on the dance floor, and in areas where sound is required, such as if your cocktail hour is held in another room or your ceremony is held outside. We can also add an upgrade for a complete surround sound theatrical experience for people who really want to feel the sound.


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that we take very seriously from start to finish. We will collaborate with you to plan the evening so that it runs smoothly. Your event will be a success if you hire a wedding DJ. All formalities within the programme will be handled by a wedding DJ/Host.


Small company meetings to huge seminars, business presentations, and product debuts are all examples of corporate events. Any form of event can be scripted to guarantee that your expectations are satisfied. Nothing is too small or enormous for us to plan or take on the entire event.


Birthday celebrations, anniversaries, baptisms, communions, and formal or semi-formal school dances are all possibilities. We enjoy parties, and if you just want something simple for the background, we can provide you with a Club style DJ or an open format DJ.




Following each wedding, our clients frequently express their gratitude for their Wedding DJ and the services we offered.


A wedding DJ is essential, and having a club-style DJ makes all the difference. We put our egos aside and bring the celebration to the dance floor with our talents and skills that will keep your guests entertained.

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Prime Time Inc. was formed by Johnny Bisogno, a 25-year veteran DJ/MC/Host/Tech. It all started in nightclubs, and it's going to keep going at weddings. Weddings with 50 to 5000 guests can be accommodated at any venue. This is your day, and we want to be the ones to assist you in achieving your goals. It's just one day, so why not make it memorable by hiring services that can cater to all of your needs? We can enhance the look and feel of any event space, making it more pleasurable for your guests. From wedding ceremonies to dinner music, we'll keep your dance floor busy and your guests entertained all night long.

Can we Hire just a Wedding DJ/Host?

Our wedding DJs may certainly play music as well as use the microphone to make minor announcements or introductions.

Do you offer Wedding MC's?

Wedding MCs are available for individuals who prefer a more personal touch, as well as a high-energy, interactive personality. They also assist with the evening's practicalities, such as prepping your family members with speeches or crucial dances and introductions, as well as programming the evening's flow.

When do we submit our itinerary?

We will send you the Itinerary Scripts for the ceremony and celebration after we receive your deposit. We need these 10 days prior to your event.

Do you offer lighting?

We have a variety of lighting options for your wedding that may be used to decorate the space, highlight any dances or speeches, and create dancing patterns for the evening.

Can your Wedding DJ mix music?

Our wedding DJs can certainly mix music and, as some would say, "Mash it up." To maintain our high standards, we continue to perform at nightclubs.


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